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Take Action: Make Safer Chemicals a Top Priority

toxics reformNorth Carolina's state legislators are back in session this week.

Tell your Senators that better protections against toxic chemicals are one of your top priorities – and should be theirs, too!

There is no comprehensive system in place to protect us from highly hazardous chemicals in products we use every day.

Other states are taking action where the federal government is failing. North Carolina should step up, too!

Should Kids Under 18 Be Working With Pesticides? The EPA Needs to Hear From You Now!

blueberry pickingAs part of big changes to the Worker Protection Standards that regulate workplace pesticide rules, the US EPA is proposing a minimum age of 16 for youth to work as pesticide handlers (except on their own family's farm).

Toxic Free NC believes that 18 should be the minimum age to mix, load or apply hazardous pesticides on farms.

Do you agree? Tell the EPA!

Did You Know...

Pollinator Fact SheetNotice how there were a LOT fewer butterflies around this summer?

Have you heard about Neonicotinoids, the new type of pesticides being sold today?

The European Union has passed a two-year moratorium on three neonicotinoid pesticides. Should we?

Since 2006, commercial beekeepers in the United States have seen honey bee colony loss rates double.

Largely due to the excessive use of pesticides, bee populations have been almost entirely wiped out in some parts of the world.

Read our Pollinator Fact Sheet to find out more FACTS and their SOURCES.

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