Here are 10 great ways you can fight pesticide pollution and get more involved with Toxic Free NC:

  1. Find out who represents you in the NC General Assembly, and let them know you want to see stronger regulations of toxic chemicals in North Carolina and Nationally!
  2. Sign Up for Updates, and keep up with the action.
  3. Follow us on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter.
  4. Support our Work. We rely on contributions from everyday folks like you to make it all happen. Small gifts are just as important as big ones.
  5. Go organic. When you choose not to purchase products made with dangerous chemicals, you’re not only protecting your health, but supporting sustainable agriculture and clean air and water as well.
  6. Help us reach more people. If you belong to a church, civic organization, PTA, garden club, or other group, we’d love to provide you with materials you can share, or come talk with all of you in person. Contact us.
  7. Be a Toxic Free NC Ambassador. Help us win important changes by sharing your story with decision makers or the media.
  8. Volunteer or Intern. We can always use more hands!
  9. Start Something Locally. Become a local activist for healthy people, healthy food and a healthy environment. We’d love to help you find solutions in your community that reduce pesticide use and/or make locally-grown and organic foods easier to get. See our Programs and Tips & Tools for Activists pages for ideas, and get in touch ASAP!
  10. Contact Toxic Free NC with your questions and ideas!