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Pesticide Policy Watch

In North Carolina, pesticides are regulated by the NC Department of Agriculture’s Pesticide Section. The Pesticide Section is responsible for enforcing North Carolina pesticide rules, as well as federal pesticide laws, which come from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We follow the Pesticide Section’s work closely, as well as monitoring the EPA for pesticide regulations that are expected to have effects in North Carolina. We report on pesticide policy to the public and help communities take action on pesticide issues that affect them.

What’s going on now?

  • Growing just and sustainable agriculture in North Carolina – NC legislature is considering several important issues – take action now!
  • PBDE – a pollutant that never goes away
  • Farmworkers at Risk from Pesticide Exposure in NC
  • 2006 Legislation requires NC public schools to use Integrated Pest Management and take other common-sense steps to protect children from toxic contaminants. Read more about the School Children’s Health Act, or find resources for parents and school staff.
  • North Carolina Institutes a New Pesticide Illness & Injury Surveillance Program
  • The Sorry State of Migrant Housing in North Carolina
  • Pesticide Drift in North Carolina: Secondhand poisons for rural residents
  • Methyl bromide phase-out
  • Environmental Policy to Protect Children’s Health