About Us

About Us


North Carolina is a wonderful place to live with a diverse environment that offers mountains, lakes, streams and coastal areas, and plays a significant role in the nation’s food system. However, we face enormous problems with toxicants in our air, water, soil, food and many consumer products. We believe that another world is possible: one where human and environmental health is a priority. Toxic Free NC engages people in various initiatives to transition toward that vision.

A Message From Our Founder

What does “Fighting Pesticide Pollution since 1986” mean? Well, as a co-founder of Toxic Free North Carolina almost 30 years ago, I can say that it was important then, and it is even more so now.

Join us in our important work.  And thank you to all who have contributed in any way, large and small.  


allenspaltAllen Spalt
Former Executive Director
Board Member

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Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission is to engage North Carolinians in the transition to a toxic-free society through initiatives that promote human and environmental health.
We envision North Carolina as an integral member of a just global community where human and environmental health are valued, respected, and enjoyed by all.
  • Universality of Human Rights: everyone has a right to an environment free of toxicants
  • Sustainability: Current needs must be met without jeopardizing the health or available resources for future generations
  • Accountability: Polluters should be accountable for the risks and harms toxicants impose on humans and the environment
  • Accessibility: Information about toxicants should be accessible to all North Carolinians
  • Vitality: Socially, economically and environmentally friendly products should be promoted, with emphasis on small and moderate scale local production